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Location: City of Stornara
Soil: Soil of limestone, composed of a layer of agrarian ground and one of friable stone, said "crusta". with sand and large pebbles. Permeable and rich in potassium and micro elements.
Work in the vineyards: pruning aimed at optimizing the quality of the production. Interventions for the health of the vineyard under the control of agronomists.

Varieties / Grapes: Grapes Trojan
Geographical indication: Daunia IGT (IGT)
Period and method of harvest: The harvest with a harvest takes place in early October.

Winemaking: Fermentation with the skins at a controlled temperature. Frequent pumping over during the early stages of winemaking. Given normal weather conditions the course follows the alcoholic fermentation malattica.
Refining: In stainless steel containers until bottling, in order to maintain the primary characteristics of the grapes come from.
Tasting notes: Ruby red with purple tinges. Vinous and fruity, harmonious and round. This wine keeps himself in the warmth of the land burned by the summer sun.
Pair and service notes: Ideal with starters and main dishes of red meat, game birds and cooked vegetables. Given the softness, it is great with fish soups. Temperature 18 ° C.

Winemaking: maceration with the skins until it reaches the desired pink color, and subsequent separation of the same temperature-controlled fermentation.
Ageing: in stainless steel containers until bottling.
Tasting notes: pale red color, aroma of fresh-picked fruit, delicate and persistent, and savory taste and fresh.
Pair and service notes: Ideal with starters and main dishes of red meat, raw ham pastries, fish in tasty sauces and fish soups, especially those containing tomato. Temperature 14 ° C