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Location: Town of Stornara.
Ground: Sail of calcareous nature, composed of a layer of agricultural ground and another one of cnlmbly stone, locally called "crusta", with gross sand and pebbles. It is permeable, rich in potassium and micro elements.
Working in vineyards: vine pruning, aiming to improve the quality of the production. Every operation or the healthiness of the vineyard is effected under control of agronomist technicians.

Variety/grapes: Troy grapes.
Geographical charactheristic: Daunia Indicazione Geografica Tipica (I.G.T)
Period and mode of vintage: Vintage is hand-made and takes place in the second half of September.

Wine Making: Fermentation with maceration of grape peels uncle controlled temperature. Several additions during the first phases of wine-making. Owing to the natural climatic conditions, the malactic fermentation naturally follows the alcoholic one.
Refinement: In stainless steel containers until bottling operation in order to keep unaltered the main characteristics of the original grapes.
Organolectic characteristic: Ruby red with violet shades. Vinous and fruity flavour harmonious and round taste. This wine preserves the heat of the summer sun burned ground.
Combination with food and service notes:It is perfect with pasta and red meat based dishes game dishes and stewed vegetables. Thanks to its softness it is perfect with fish soups. To be served at a temperature of 18°C.